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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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good afternoon. we begin this noontime in san francisco where things are getting back to normal after a pg&e capped a gas leak that forced a shelter-in-place order at two schools. the leak started around 9:00 a.m. when a backhoe hit a two-inch high pressure gas line near balboa high school and the warning did not affect any homes in the area but six customers lost gas service for a time and that service is now back on. two lawmakers are introducing a measure that would protect sharks from extin shin. allie rasmus joins us live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: we're on the far east cafe on grant street in chinatown where you can see the lunchtime crowd is just getting
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underway. one of the dishes this restaurant has on the menu is shark fin soup. you can see it right here. two bay area assemblymen are proposing a ban on the sale of that dish because they say it is hurting the -- the worldwide shark population. now, assemblyman fung and huffman say this is hurting the shark population worldwide. at a press conference, they were joined by the group wild aide and some san francisco restaurant owners who explain they no longer serve the dish because of the dwindling shark populations. now, according to a study, 73 million sharks are killed each year to satisfy the need for shark fin soup. >> it's an endangered species. we need to protect our sharks. it's a house of cards. if they collapse, the ocean can collapse as well.
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>> reporter: now, just an hour after that press conference, leland yee got together with some other restaurant owners to declare their pop po -- opposition to the bill. senator yee says while he understands the shark population is at risk, he says california's fish and game does regular nate the -- regulate the importing of these and a license to prove they got these fins legally. >> this is -- this is in a long line of history of -- of government coming in -- into the chinese community and saying you cannot do this. you cannot do that. taking away our culture and our heritage. >> reporter: now, last year, the state of hawaii enacted a ban on the sale of shark fin soup, so if this bill does move forward in the california assembly, it wouldn't be the
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first state to consider the measure. reporting live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. officials at the monterey aquarium wade in on the law that would ban possession, sale, trade and distribution of the shark fins. the people at the best-known aquarium support the statement. a spokesperson says the filling of shark fins is an unsustainable slaughter of some of the motion's most magnificent animals and enacting this ab 376 would be an important step to protect." a baby boy abducted from his home in fresno is back home. he was found late last night. and was miles away at the suspect's parents home outside of bakersfield. that suspect is the baby's
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fire, 19-year-old edward ramos, who was arrested last tight. anniversaries say he -- anniversaries say he kidnapped the -- investigators say he kidnapped the boy and that triggered an amber alert. president obama bunched the -- launched the 2012 budget battle. he says this involves tough budget cuts. craig boswell say the republicans say this is just a road map for more spending. >> reporter: staffers on capitol hill began this valentine's day morning unpacking and unwrapping budget books. president obama '$3.73 trillion blueprint. the president says his proposal trims more than 200 federal programs while making key investments in transportation, research and education. >> the only way we can make these investments in our future is if our government starts missing -- living within the means. >> reporter: he also says it
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contains 1.1 trillion in deficit savings through tax increases and spending cuts. >> in the next five years, we're increasing discretionary spending which is $400 billion of savings. >> reporter: the administration predicts they will hit a record of $1.6 trillion and republicans say this contains way too much red ink and wants deeper cuts. >> this is just more debt. >> reporter: other gop leaders called the president's plan an fiscally irresponsible spending fee. >> when you talk about valentine's day's it's not the card you want to get. >> reporter: republicans plan to offer their own spending proposal for 2012. for this current year, house republicans are bringing a bill to the floor tuesday, they say will cut $100 billion in the remaining months. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. the chp has issued a wind advisory for at least two bay
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area bridges and could add a third later today. the advisory went up at 4:00 this morning. an earlier advisory was issued for the bay bridge around 12:30 this morning. the richmond san rafael bridge could be the third if conditions require it. the highways are wet today. the bay area sees the first rain of a couple of days. our meteorologist will have more on the rain and winds coming up in about 10 minutes. two people are in the hospital this noontime in sonoma county after their cars crashed head on during a rainy, morning commute near the winery in sonoma. that was at -- that was at 7:45 and the two-lane road was closed until 9:00 a.m. both drivers were taken to the hospital with moderate to major injuries. one of the cars hit a pickup truck and ended up an
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embankment. air travelers are running into problems today because of the weather. the duty manager at sfo say flights to and from the pacific northwest are experiencing delays and delays could hit two hours as the storm getting closer. there are no problems at the oakland airport. no word from san jose on conditions there. pg&e says a valentine's day balloon caused a power outage. it floated up into a power line near salvio and harrison streets this morning around 8:15. that caused the line to ark and fall, knocking out power briefly to nearly 1800 customers. it stayed out for 800 in the downtown area until electric service was restored, around 9:30. it's a busy day for county clerks around the bay area as couples celebrate valentine's day by picking up a marriage license. noel gonzalez and hazel were at
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the clerk's office right after the doors opened. they said they have been waiting some time to get married. >> our schedules were available for this moment. >> special day. >> yes, it is. 2 all worked out -- it all worked out. >> san mateo county offers couples an internet connection and camera to cast live to friends and camera to -- family and that costs an extra $50. same-sex couples will head to request licenses. they plan to ask for marriage licenses at the county clerk office in san francisco, san jose and martinez. this is file video of a time when same-sex marriages were legal in california but now clerks are prohibited from issuing licenses to same-sex couples while the federal
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courts decide on the legality of proposition 8. valentine's day is not just rosie for lovers. it can also bloom for those who sell flowers and candy. kraig debro stopped at some of them this morning to ask for businesses. the rosie spending predictions -- predictions doesn't mean people are not still looking for a deal. >> this is where people come. i gotta jump and do what they do. >> you get the best prices and an incredible selection. >> roses are said to be high in supply. the case won't have to do without baby's breath this year. and this year unlike the last two, valentine's day is on a weekday. >> i've owned the shop for two and a half years. this has been our base. >> reporter: flower sales are also benefiting from the year of
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the hare. the national retale federation is predicting a -- retail federation is predicting a bigger year. 2011 is expected to be up 11% over the last two years. 80% of the roses and 90% of carnations, the two most popular flowers today, are imported. that's why people like christina are pushing the local angle. >> it's a huge selling point. people say the car bon footprint is lower. we're not -- carbon footprint is lower. we're delivering by cart. >> reporter: wholesalers say the rainy weather is having an impact for how many people come
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here. they are still buying but are staying closer to home so they can stay dry. >> people still looking for -- looking for last-minute ideas can check click on the valentine's day tab. if you plan to stay home and rent a movie, the website has a list of the top romantic movies of all times. and a valentine's day flash mob video in canada has gone i'll in youtube. it con tises of -- has gone viral in youtube. it consists of couples kissing. it had about 8,000 views last year. a similar event was recorded last year. still ahead -- there are protests starting in -- protests starting in another middle east country. and a controversial idea that sparked protests in the
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past. it's windy and cool around the bay area. we'll have details ahead in the forecast. and new numbers just released about domestic violence in a major bay area city.
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a state panel working on
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the management plan for the san francisco delta is hoping to publish a first draft today or tomorrow. the council is coming up with measures to improve water quality and wildlife habitat while ensuring waters for millions of californians and farmers. we spoke to a council representative this morning who said the panel will work through the night if necessary to finish this it -- finish it. this is the first of several reports on the delta plan. police in the east bay are searching for a serial armed rob -- armed robber and hope for his arrest. he's wanted for robberies in hayward and fremont, seven of them in the past two weeks. he's hit two walgreens and jack in the box, sonic, subway and quizno's restaurants. police say the suspect pointed a gun at employees but no one has been shot. he's an african-american man in
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his 20s, about 5'9", he has an other-shaped birth mark -- oval- shaped birthmark on his cheek. the egyptian military is calling for the end of demonstrations as egyptians exercise new program. thousands of state employees took to the streets today demanding better pay and working conditions. demonstrators marched in cities across that country. military leaders are asking labor leaders to stop the strikes and have workers return to their jobs. they say they need a quieter climate to run the government and work toward an elected and civilian administration. there's also information about ousted hosni mubarak. egypt's ambassador to the united states announced today that he could be in bad heath. he did not provide any details. two cairo newspapers are reporting that mubarak is
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depressed, refusing to take medication and is repeatedly passing out. we started to get word today out of iran about clashes of security forces and opposition pro setters -- protesters. over the weekend, mahmoud ahmadinejad's praised these clashes but when asked for permission to hold a rally in support of the uprisings in tunisia and egypt, the government said no and put them under house arrest and security forces vowed to crack down on anyone who tries to stage a rally. this morning, santa clara county issued the latest update on domestic violence. the assistant district attorney says they are making progress at reducing the number ofcations by educating -- by educating people -- the number of cases by educating people. >> we were looking at 100 brand- new cases a year being reported. now we're down about 87.
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we see it coming down. not enough to jump and scream hala lieu yaw but i -- hooray. >> the storm system that's bringing light rain to the bay area is also crop -- also dropping snow on the sierra. here's what it looked like minutes ago in sofa springs. we just got this video in. the forecast called for accumulations for up to 6500 feet. winds are gusting to 55. on the high sigher raw ridge, winds could gust to 115 miles an hour -- sierra ridge, winds could gust to 115 miles an hour. good afternoon. we could do without the rain
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but we're stuck. you can see the raindrops on our window. a look at stormtracker, we do have scattered showers. the heaviest rain has passed on but we will continue with scattered showers throughout today and flow 'tis the winds still reaching 20 miles per hour at times and they are coming in from the southeast which means areas along the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, dumbarton also dealing with pretty gusty conditions, and the winds not dying down until later this afternoon. we will continue with the scattered showers. but by tonight, we may have a little bit of drying in time for your evening plans on this valentine's day. the radar here showing you what you know, some of that heaviest rain falling in the early- morning hours and now we're left with a few scattered showers. we'll have the gray skies continuing on with the chilly conditions and they are only going to get colder. today we'll be rainy, a little bit windy at times, the winds will begin to die down in the
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afternoon. by tomorrow, heavier rain expected with this second storm and the winds are going to be gusting at times, it looks like 10:00, 11:00 they will pick up and last through the most of the day. behind the system, snow levels are expected to crop down 2,000 feet -- drop down 2,000 feet. our local mountains could get some snow. your rain forecast, just spotty. that will be it. a little breezy. a little breezy, cool, soggy. it's this system. it's about noon time, we watch it off the coast and some light rain to santa rosa. it's only going to get worse as this continues to sweep across the south and east. your afternoon high, bring along the jacket, make it a waterproof one. 56 novato, 59 expected in oakland and areas right around mountain view, 59 as well. low 60s from san jose into morgan hill. 64 expected in gilroy along the
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-- gilroy. along the coast, the winds will begin to shift and we'll all have southwesterly winds. your five-day forecast -- we continue with chilly weather as we move through the workweek by wednesday into thursday. and then we're looking into sun the -- unsettled weather. it looks like it could be a bit wet for the chinese new year's parade. >> okay. we've had that before. thank you. caltrain is holding four public meetings in san jose, san francisco, san carlos and gilroy. the first one takes place in san jose at 7:00. cal rain is proposing closing up to 16 stations and raising fares as part of a plan to wipe out a record budget deficit. the cuts are set to go into effect this simmer. daly city could ban plastic
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bags, from stores of 10,000 square feet or larger. 26 california cities have banned plastic bags, including san francisco and san jose. ahead -- what tiger woods did at a tournament this weekend that is costing him a lot of money. and the clothing you buy may soon cost you more. we'll explain why.
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an ecuadorian judge has ruled against chevron in a bitter 18-year-old lawsuit over oil contamination in the corner of the amazon rain forest. a spokesperson issued a statement saying the judge did issue a final decision. it's reported the judge fined the company $8 billion, far below the $124 billion that the plaintiffs had sought. some economists are predicting a jump in clothing prices this year. they are expecting a 10% jump in prices because of the global economic recovery and a surge in material and labor costs. cotton alone has more than doubled in price over the past year and synthetic fabric costs about 50% more. they say the biggest increases will come in the second half of
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the year. tiger woods has been fined by the european tour for spitting during the final round of the dubai desert classic. the incident occurred yesterday on the 12th green after woods missed a putt for par. now, woods began the day one shot off the lead but never recovered after making two bogeys in the first three holes yesterday. no word on the amount of the fine. and that will do it for us. our next newscast is the news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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